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Derekmonster Film Project

Star Wars Episode III - 2003/2004

title: Concept and Storyboard Artist

It was a lifelong dream to work on Star Wars. I saw 'A New Hope' when I was 5, and for the many formative years that followed, the Star Wars universe was omnipresent. I felt the influence of Ralph McQuarrie, Joe Johnston, Phil Tippett and the many other creative people involved in the originals, but the idea of working as an artist on those films was hard to visualize.


In 1995, I met Doug Chiang, who'd already staffed up for Episode I: The Phantom Menace. However, I did get hired at ILM, and worked on many projects, including 'Return of the Jedi: SE' . In 1999, I submitted a portfolio for Episode II : Attack Of The Clones and made the shortlist , but not the final team. It wasn't until 3 years after I'd left Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) that I'd finally get to work on Star Wars again. It was worth the wait. I spent 8 months at Skywalker Ranch working on Episode III, with a small team of really great people. Most were from the ILM days, with a good chunk of the 'Frankenstein' design crew reuniting. It was a unique opportunity as a artist working in film. There was an excellent chemistry and energy there, and lots of great design brainstorms.We were able to present our work to George Lucas every week, which was always unpredictable. During the storyboard phase, I would also join editorial meetings with Ben Burtt and the guys from Animatics. Needless to say, these were some of the best times I've had on a job, ever. Obviously, for now, I can't share much of that work on the website, but stay tuned....