update & happy new year!!

Happy New Year! DEREKMONSTER 2.0 is gestating ...meanwhile, for any and ALL news & updates head over to the DEREKMONSTER BLOG (http://derekmonster.blogspot.com ).. You can pick up DerekMonster Books and DVD's there as well...




Greetings everyone, from the long dormant DEREKMONSTER! I apologize for the lack of updates and new material on the site. I also realize there have been difficulties in loading some of the images, and I assure you that things are going to get fixed as soon as possible. Our goal is to relaunch DEREKMONSTER in the near future, with the addition of some exciting new elements, including a BLOG and a STORE!! We'll have some more updates on this soon...

You may be wondering, "What happened to DerekMonster?" Well, over the last three years, I've been very hard at work as a Story Artist for PIXAR. I've spent most of my time there working on "WALL-E", which will be in theaters on June 27th, 2008. View the trailer by clicking on WALL-E below ...

wall-e http://www.apple.com/trailers/disney/walle/

I've also been busy with personal work, operating from MAVERIX STUDIOS, doing lots of monster drawings and paintings. Many of these will be showcased in my new book, the DEREKMONSTER ANNUAL 2008! The cover preivew is below:

derekmonster annual 2008

A brand NEW collection of 365 monsters, this 128 page book will be available EXCLUSIVELY at the E-VILLE PRESS BOOTH (AISLE 1500, BOOTH #1534) at the San Diego Comic Con International.

E-Ville Press Comic-con booth location

Copies will be available later this year for sale through the site once the DEREKMONSTER STORE is set up.

Also, I have completed an interview as well as my first Storyboarding DVD for the GNOMON STUDIOS due out July 9th, 2008! This is the first of several Story-Related DVD's that I'm working on, and I'll have copies available for sale at our Comic-con booth as well.




Greetings friends of DerekMonster! It's been a long long time since any new material has appeared on this site. I've been busy with many projects, including Star Wars: Episode III, the Star Wars: Visionaries graphic novel, and more. For the last year and a half, I've been working full time as a story artist for Pixar Animation Studios. These developments don't make my Monster Art and less important to me, so more frequent website updates are near! That said, DerekMonster is back with some new stuff, and just in time for the 2006 San Diego Comic Con ! Be sure to check out Afterworks 2 (with a brand new 22 page Derekmonster story!). plus ......

star wars visionaries star wars visionaries

 ... and there's more!

Derekmonster ... at the San Diego Comic Con : July 19th through July 23rd. I'll be with the Maverix Studios crew at Booth # 5485. Come by and pick up a copy of the Derekmonster Monster Annual 2006 (more previews coming soon).

derekmonster - monster annual 2006

and again, my humble apologies for the lack of updates and many thanks for your patience!


7/21/2004 - yes, more comics updates!

A new section in Comics for illustration work I did on the series The Machine.

7/20/2004 - comics section update!

I added more artwork to my Comics Section. More sketches and pages from Alien VS Predator are up and I added a new section for my work on Monster: Comic's Greatest World.

7/14/2004 - san diego comicon update!

Look for the Derekmonster and the rest of the Maverix Studios crew at the Maverix Studios booth! We're tables D1 & D2 between isles 600 & 700 at the San Diego ComiCon July 22nd - 25th. I'll be selling copies of the brand new Derekmonster Annual at the table! 128 pages! 365 monsters! Digest sized - perfect bound! Also selling orginal sketches of original illustrations of monsters from the monster vault!

6/01/2004 - Monster of the day updated!

New Monster of the Day drawings for June! Plus I'm busy getting ready for the San Diego ComiCon coming on July 22-25 to San Diego where I'll be selling my new Monster Annual for 2003! More info coming soon!

5/20/2004 - Added storyboards from 'hero'

I added more content to the Projects section! Check out the storyboards for Hero!
And a big thanks to everybody for your positive feedback on the site!

5/15/2004 - derekmonster re-launch!!!

Welcome to the new and improved Derekmonster.com ! There's loads of new stuff and old stuff gathered here with a new layout! Check out the vault, where old monsters go to pasture ....The projects section has artwork and stories from numerous Films, Comics, Illustration, and more. An expanded sketchbook section is up, as well as some vintage 1979 Monster drawings too. There will be some additional project uploads soon, as well as some more personal paintings, and other odds and ends, so stay tuned ...
Also, a hearty THANKS to all of you who've come back to this site over the years, even while the content collected some dust. I hope this more expansive version of Derekmonster will be worth the wait.
One more thing...spread the word to all your pals!!!


4/16/2004 - derekmonster

working on layout.

4/07/2004 - derekmonster 3.0 underway

the website is growing and growing and growing.